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Wanstead Hospital

T Stokes

Taken from an exorcists chronicles

People expect graveyards to be haunted but not hospitals they say, yet Hospitals are by far the most haunted places on earth.

Mainly because people are drugged in hospitals, and as they pass over they are in a confused state, and often wander in this confusion and bewilderment for sometime.

When my wife went in to hospital to have our first born, long after the building was built as a home for retired and injured seamen in Napoleonic times, then used as a workhouse, a Victorian mental home, then used finally as a maternity hospital.

The building had as many unseen patients as those still alive, some were poor souls who were just lost, and some were sinister creatures kept in a form of life by the etheric consumption of the hospitals spilt blood.

For anyone with developed clairvoyance hospitals are fascinating study points, rather like a child’s visit to the zoo.

My wife found herself chatting to the girl in the next bed whose mother was a medium. And my wife exclaimed “ my husband is into all that” word went round and a queue of nurses would collar me at visiting times and all would put me to the test.

It reached a point where the nurses, the matron and some of the hospital steering committee, all would need to see me before me visiting my wife!

But when I came to collect her and my son to bring them home, the number of people in the send off committee embarrassed me awfully, it was then that the matron asked if I could assist with some of the lost souls that inhabited the place, upsetting the night staff.

In Victorian times, the insane were often chained to a wall, and there were people long dead, who had not realised they could actually leave the spot and be on their way,

One cheeky young lad would run up and down the corridor, in a flat cap and large heavy boots, shouting his times tables. And the patients would want a sleeping pill, unaware this boy was the reason they could not rest.

A large official type man who told me he was “beadle” would tap on the floor with a staff and endlessly repeat passages from the bible to people in their beds, and where those were chained to the wall, unaware that they could no longer hear him.

In another part, a tight turn in the corridor meant visibility was nil, and a cold spot in the atmosphere was when a murder occurred for a mans tobacco pouch and pipe, matron said that spot was where the night duty nurses would break into a run, so uncomfortable was the feeling there.

Regrettably I told the nurse in charge that I needed to spend time with my wife and new baby, and to hold their own blessing while considering a priest, or mediums help, to contact the lost souls, and help them to gods appointed place.

There certainly were some characters at that hospital and not many were live ones!

T.Stokes copyright 2001 lecturer in paranormal studies