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Come Here

When I was a boy, I went to my Uncles house with my mother to house-sit for a night while my Uncle went to work for a night-shift. It was a notoriously spooky house, I admit, but my Uncles old place in Leighton Buzzard was one of those houses that felt uncomfortable from the moment I stepped inside. It was very odd. The dogs were outside howling, (I presume it was the dogs anyway). The night was very black and bitterly cold. It was 8 O'clock and suddenly a disgusting smell came wafting from the living room.

"This always happens at this time in the evening" my uncle explained. "I'm not sure what causes it. Maybe a train shaking some sewer pipe loose or something. It'll go in about 5 minutes."

Later that night, when my Uncle had gone to work and my mother and I were lying in bed, I was shaken awake by my fractious mother, who looked scared half to death. "Did you hear that!?"
"Hear what?"
"It sounded like you calling me."
"I didn't call you." I replied, and then suddenly, in my mother;s voice, from over the other side of the room, I heard a noise I would never forget. "Neil, come here!"
"Mummy I don't like this."
"I didn't say anything." Said my mother. Then in my uncle's voice, we both heard: "Janet, I'm back, would you mind coming out here a moment?" My mother didn't move. "GO AWAY!" she shouted. The voices stopped.

Later that month, the house was exorcised and displayed no more strange occurrences. The smell went away in the living room, but was replaced by a sweet smell of flowers. It was discovered that previously there had been a well in what is now the living room.

A woman died falling down the well. She died at 8 O'clock.